Art, Power, and Society (2021)

This independent reading course is designed to introduce some classic and contemporary scholarly writings that examine the ways in which power is both constituted and reproduced by art–including the systems that constitute art worlds and the cultural meanings and values sustained through the production, exchange, and consumption of art.

As part of the Cultural Ecologies PhD track, this reading list tends to focus on art worlds within the United States.

A note on reading: the sections can be read in any order, but the texts within each section will make more sense if you read them in the order listed below.


Zolberg, Vera L. Constructing a Sociology of the Arts. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1990.

Power, Space, and Representation

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System and Structure

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Cultural Capital / Cultural Systems

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Case Studies

Creative Placemaking and the Creative City

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Space, Race, Gentrification, and Neighborhood

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Museums, Curation, and Accountability

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